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Punishment Games Baby >D
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Trying to get prem :3

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Full Body commission- COLORED
Emily by FullMetalWinry101
Fionna The Human by FullMetalWinry101
Confident FINISHED by FullMetalWinry101
Anything! Its all colored and stuff, and its 100:points:
Chibi Commissions-COLORED
Michael Rage-Quit Jones by FullMetalWinry101
Cory by FullMetalWinry101
Javi~ by FullMetalWinry101
Happy Easter! by FullMetalWinry101
Colored chibis are also 100:points:
Chest Up-Colored
Self-Portrait 2014 by FullMetalWinry101
These are 50:points:
TWO OPEN ADOPTS by FullMetalWinry101
Adopts: they depend on how i make them, usually will start at 100+ :points:
Now the linearts are 50+:points:
Full Body-Lineart
Uhm this isnt what it looks like by FullMetalWinry101
Emily WIP by FullMetalWinry101
Color if you'd like, but only the ones i make for you. These are 50:points:
y u so adorable angel by FullMetalWinry101
Chibi full body linearts are 10:points: -i have no examples of a lineart chibi T_T-
Chest Up-Lineart
Ellie Last of Us by FullMetalWinry101
I want him to be mine by FullMetalWinry101
Chest/hip up linearts are 50:points:
Uhm this isnt what it looks like by FullMetalWinry101
Ranma and Akane by FullMetalWinry101
HEY I TRIED by FullMetalWinry101
Now, if you want more than one person in it, its +15:points: for every extra you want. lineart OR coloring



Dear me,

    This came to me literally five seconds ago. But what I want out of life now, and what i get out of it later, are probably two different stories. Anyway, I hope you’re doing okay. I hope you have kids (depending on age you read this), have a loving husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend and all that shenanigans. Im writing this because who gives a fuck. All I hope is that you do read this. and that you’re not dead, or into drugs, or anything really fucked up like that… My ideal life right now is not probably what you’re living. I hope you are in Texas though. If not, I dont know what happened. Probably money, probably didnt want to upset your parents. I do that alot. Im listening to all of this by naked and famous and its getting me off track, you remember that song, Aly? or do you go by Alycia now? What do you do for work? If its my dream job (Rooster Teeth), congratulations. I hope you date someone cute in the company, then again, everyone there is super cute.

I hope your taking care of your body. (OH GOD SWEATER WEATHER CAME ON! YES) Exercise, Aly, obesity runs in your family. KEEP YOUR WEIGHT DOWN. I love my weight right now, despite the couple pounds i gained. I hope you’re still into art, i hope you write, read, still use tumblr.

And hopefully are happy.

Thats all i really want out of life and i hope that you do too. I hope you dont go back to those boys in your past. I hope you right your wrongs and forgive yourself. Nothing is as bad as it seems… You’ll be okay. Hopefully.


Your seventeen year old self. Aly.
A letter to my future self
I made this just now. Im proud of it. its something to look back at.
Xray Cosplay? by FullMetalWinry101
Xray Cosplay?
So for RTX 2015 im thinking of doing an X-Ray cosplay, but i need opinions and i need help figuring out HOW! 
So please if you have any ideas to make this cosplay possible, TELL ME. I love feedback! Thanks! ♥
base by someone on tumblr, it was a hundred poses challenge thing.
Joel Heyman Silhouette by FullMetalWinry101
Joel Heyman Silhouette
I finished it. i fucked up and had to add a red bg. dont ask why -_-
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: Heart it Races
  • Reading: Howling in the Office
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
This site and i have 4 whole years of history, i started back when i was 13. I was just getting into art and enjoyed making the middle school anime crappy drawings that everyone starts off with. This is my main account. I have no extras nor do i want one, ive always loved my DA name. Shows what ive been into for a long while. (meaning i love fullmetal alchemist) Ive done some stupid things through out these years on DA. But, ive made a couple friends through out time, like NatGoesRawr3, or Big-Luke, and Zexionandbandit, and xXMary-BXx, whos account is now unfortunately deactivated. I think i had a LOTTT of improvment.
Hatsune Miku by FullMetalWinry101
sarah is sad by FullMetalWinry101
Leach AT by FullMetalWinry101
Ranma and Akane by FullMetalWinry101
Roses for Ray by FullMetalWinry101

These years have been filled with so many ups and downs, but it was alot of fun on DA. Happy birthday DeviantArt!


Aly Cox
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Gavins on top! by FullMetalWinry101 Closer by FullMetalWinry101 Peekover by FullMetalWinry101 Youre my boy by FullMetalWinry101 Glance by FullMetalWinry101 Lip Bighting by FullMetalWinry101 Now Kiss by FullMetalWinry101 KISS KISS KISS by FullMetalWinry101 The Look by FullMetalWinry101 Airhump Gav by FullMetalWinry101
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Sadarang

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